1599049_10202955927045003_191131192_oWho I work with


I work with people who have great visions and feel that there’s more for them to give and be and create.

They know that applying themselves to discover, invent, create, and/or solve something that will make a difference to humanity is the legacy they want to create.

I work with people who are passionate—in love, work, and play—in the way they devote themselves to the things that matter to them.

I work with people who take risks—they’ve done so in the past and have had brilliant successes and spectacular failures. They know the bounty that risk-taking brings and they are willing to get uncomfortable to get what they want.

They know that fear is a good sign and that a deep desire lies just on the other side.

I work with people who are high achievers. They’ve enjoyed success in their business, their love lives, and their hobbies, and know what that takes and feels like. Regardless of where they are right now in their lives, they have a strong sense of what they can achieve on their own…and they want more.

I work with people who take action like it’s second nature. No cajoling required.

I work with people who inspire me.

Who I don’t work with


Those who:

  • Only “kinda, sorta, maybe” want to change
  • Are afraid to make mistakes and fail
  • Complain and blame others
  • Aren’t ready to show up to each session fully engaged
  • Are cynical about having feelings
  • Aren’t ready to work harder than me at their life