I was born in Romania, before the Iron Curtain fell. Fortunately, my parents had the courage to find their way West when I was young. I came to Canada at 6, and through the amazing experience of my parents and my own journey, I learned that

risk is a requirement when you are striving for the most amazing life available to you.

Science has been a thread throughout my life. In grade 6 I won my school, area, and regional science fair with a project on the Seebeck Effect. I couldn’t go on to the Nationals because I was one year too young. I went on to study Microbiology and Immunology at McGill University. I have been following the Singularity buzz for the last decade.

In my undergrad, I spent a year as a Research Assistant working to understand the effects of chronic stress on DNA and aging. This was fascinating but too far removed from helping people. I spent a year volunteering at the San Francisco Suicide Hotline, loved it, and considered a career as a psychologist.

In my exploration and research of psychology, therapy, and coaching, I discovered that coaching was more future-facing and action-orientated. That was it. I loved science, but my gift was with people (connecting with them, understanding them, and helping them grow.) That’s where I focused my energy and studies.

And, I became damn good at it.

Now, after many years of experience helping clients step into their power and deliver amazing results, my clients are the ones at the forefront of change in areas that make a significant difference in the world.

I know that the genius that helps these visionaries can also hold them back. I am particularly well suited to help them broaden their range of power. Communication and relationships are two examples of areas that often are not as strong. They often live in their heads and are missing a mind-body connection or the more soulful side of life which is intimately connected to performance and leadership. They overachieve at work and I work with them to replicate this success in the rest of their lives, which in turn has a beneficial effect on their capacity to make their vision a reality.

Other things you might like to know about me:

  • I had spinal surgery when I was 12 and thought it was the coolest thing ever  – doctors rock my world. I have yet to meet someone who can beat me at a “longest scar” contest. I am bionic.
  • When I did research on stress hormones, part of my job was stressing women out. That’s where I learned to put away my “nice girl” act.
  • I’m blind in one eye, so I can’t see 3D. Tackling stairs is comical.
  • I’m writing a book called – “The Edge Effect.”
  • I’m a total science geek and an optimist, so I’m excited about the Singularity.
  • I sat on a mountain for 4 days without food or water on a Vision Quest with a local Native American tribe to find out what I’m made of and what is most important to me – what I’m here for.
  • I have my own coach. I pay him more than I “think” I can afford. Our work is effectively changing the course of my life.
  • I dance a mean tango.
  • My ex-husband and I had such an easy time splitting up we often joke about writing the “How to Have a Happy Divorce” book.
  • I used to be a lifeguard. I’m afraid of deep water.
  • I truly believe that people are incredible and I am constantly amazed by their courage, strength and beauty. I feel truly blessed to get to devote my days to empowering them and watching them shine. I am a lucky woman.