Hatch: Accelerator for Coaches


>  Are you a new coach?

>  Are you IN LOVE with coaching?

>  Are you looking for more clients?

> Don’t know where to start?

 Are you ready to leave the safety of the beginners “nest”
and spread your wings to fly free into the big world of
high-end coaching?


Sure, your coaching program has given you some instruction on how to find clients, what sort of marketing is best, and gotten you going with some peer coaching.

Perhaps you’ve even done some paid coaching too – and loved it – but the idea of filling your practice with clients that pay you well is overwhelming.

You know other coaches have created thriving practices, but you also know that 80% of coaches make less than $20,000 a year.



You are determined to NOT become this statistic.



Welcome to Hatch!



“Brag Time: I signed two 10,000€ clients (6-month contracts) since the beginning of the months.  And it already seems to be my new obvious rates.  When I started working with Christina my last client was a 2000€ for the same package.  I transitioned from 2K to 7K to 10K in 6 months!!!”










The Lie…  Create a 6 Figure Income, working 4 hours a week

and BOOM! Instant Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous!

How it Really Was 7 Years ago…on my own.

In the  fall of 2010, I took one of the biggest risks of my life.

I left my post as Director of the New York branch of the organization for which I was working, to strike out on my own. I had very few resources except for a deep and abiding love for people, and a sense that I had a valuable gift to share. Something inside said it was time. I wanted to create my life around service.   So without really knowing what I was doing, I leaped.

And I fell… It was SO Freakin’ Hard!!!


Boots in snow

The next six months were so incredibly hard financially that when I walked around in the snowy New York winter in boots with holes in them, I would gaze longingly in the windows of PayLess, pining for atrocious-looking $30 moon boots. It was humiliating. It was stressful. It was SCARY.

Winter, New York, Freezing Rain, my boots had holes in them.

I stopped myself and asked, “What am I doing?”

I can’t even afford to feed myself!

My mindset was “maybe if I keep hustling and hustling I’ll get ahead and get some clients

Then, slowly, I began to figure it out. I started learning some things. I started applying them. Some worked. Some didn’t. I kept at it, every day, every week, every month, every year.

It took me years of trying to figure it out on my own.

Relentless hustling – working my buns off by a slow methodical process of Trial and Error “over and over again”

Finally!  I earned $40k-$50k per year

And yet, my income was NOT SUSTAINABLE!


The Big Aha!

 The Prosperous Coach

AND THEN…I read The Prosperous Coach!

I hired the author, Rich Litvin, who became my own coach.

I joined his group. For the 1st time in my life, I invested a HUGE amount of money. Finding someone who could guide me, made the difference.

450k in 2 Years

Within ONE MONTH of taking on the skills and mindsets that the Hatch program will teach you, I took in $22,282 (in one month). The next month, I did it again! 3 months later – I took in $60,000.

In that same year I went from $40,000 -> $200,000

The next year I earned $250,000

And I stopped doing things that made me “nuts”!

All of it became fun, it came from a place of service and helping. Now I ask, “how can I help someone today?” “How can I connect in a way that blows their minds and really give my gift, every single day?”

The Power of Groups

Power of Groups

> Other people are doing it with you

> It’s easier to get and stay motivated in groups

> There is collective wisdom to draw from

> The mindset is “together we can do this thing


It’s tough on your own especially at the beginning when you’re hitting all the heavy hurdles. Perhaps you might even be thinking silently to yourself “I don’t believe in myself” or “I give up” or “why bother, it’s pointless?” Being in a group of peers who are there with you, through the struggles and successes, who you can touch base with every day, who believe in you and are creating their vision with as much passion as you are – is priceless. You are no longer doing this thing alone.

– Bridgette –

My results are amazing!


Elements of The Program:

  • A small mastermind group of awesome coaches who are ready to put it all on the line, take serious action and create the businesses of their dreams.
  • Three 2-hour sessions a month, with one week off.
  • 2 of the sessions focused on strategy, consulting, general coaching to be clear on what actions to take.
  • 1 of the sessions focused on deep inner work with the unconscious mind to dissolve blocks and super-power your actions.
  • Weekly reports to keep you on your toes, accountable, and in action.
  • Unlimited email coaching from me.
  • On-demand laser coaching to help you blast through obstacles.
  • Feedback on your coaching skills, as you will be coaching each other.
  • One-on-one and group coaching during our phone sessions.
  • Online group to keep us all connected, inspired, and supporting each other.

This Program Can Change Your Life

Would you like to know the secret of which clients touch my heart?  The ones that touch my heart are people who’ve gone through a deep personal transformation.

Who they are at the beginning of the program is different than who they are at the end.

A beautiful thing about the program is that everyone finds their own way.

This is not a “cookie-cutter” program.

This is DEEP coaching


Who I Work With:

  • I work with coaches who have great visions and feel that there’s more for them to give and be and create.
  • I work with coaches who are passionate – in love, work, and play – in the way they devote themselves to the things that matter to them.
  • I work with coaches who take risks – they’ve done so in the past and have had brilliant successes and spectacular failures.  They know the bounty that risk-taking brings and they are willing to get uncomfortable to get what they want.
  • They know that fear is a good sign and that a deep desire lies just on the other side.
  • I work with coaches who are high achievers. They’ve enjoyed success in their business, their love lives, and their hobbies, and know what that takes and feels like. Regardless of where they are right now in their lives, they have a strong sense of what they can achieve on their own…and they want more.
  • I work with coaches who take action like it’s second nature. No cajoling required.
  • I work with coaches who inspire me.

– Listen to What Others Have To Say –

She never stopped believing in me…


This Group Program is NOT For You If:

  • You are not sure what you want to do with your life so you’re jumping on the coaching “Bandwagon.”
  • You are not yet trained as a coach.
  • You are looking for a coach to “motivate you.”
  • You are afraid to make mistakes and fail.
  • You aren’t ready to work harder than me at building your practice.

AGAIN, This program is not for everyone.

It’s a lot of work, requires a tremendous amount of passion, focus, and resilience in the face of scary things.  This group is for POWERFUL coaches who are inspiring and ready and don’t live with excuses.

Here’s why you should consider applying…

I created Hatch because I’ve figured things out that really work and I’m incredibly excited to pass them on.  There is no need for you to struggle for years on your own, in the dark, reinventing what I have already discovered. I’d like to save you time and energy so that you can give your gifts in the biggest way possible, without worrying about your basic survival. In other words, your next pair of moon boots are on me.  (Seriously).

So: IF YOU ARE READY to join a group of incredible peers, apply yourself, challenge yourself and serve your ass off, I am ready to devote my time, my focus, and my energy to show you everything I know.

Now it’s your turn

A fair warning, I will only be accepting 8 coaches for the next 6-Month Hatch program, YOU MUST ACT NOW! Submit your application today!

Once I receive it, I’ll best know how to support you whether to send along some resources, refer you to another great coach in  my network, or offer you time for a powerful conversation where we will dive deep into your current practice and get you going (along with figuring out if you are right for the program and it is right for you).

If you know that you’re ready to invest  Time, Money, Energy, and all of your Attention, and your Heart -let me know!!! I would LOVE to hear from you!


Click “HERE to start the process of becoming a SIX-FIGURE EARNING Coach.

Check Out These Results…



Within 6 months of starting to work with Christina, I radically transformed my business and life for the better. I now have a thriving 6 figure (soon to be 7 figure!) online teaching business. I highly recommend applying for a first session with Christina. If she agrees to coach you, you’re very lucky indeed.”


Susan Greene


She said YES!… After an amazing preparation coaching session with Christina, the next day a new executive signed on for my first six-month coaching engagement – from a FORTUNE FIVE company no less. This time I was authentic, vulnerable, and boldly gave her “homework” straight-away, whether she picked me or not – and she did.

Thank you Christina – crazy good coaching.”




“Having experienced a session with Christina Berkley I can only say WOW! If you are chosen for HATCH, you are in for an amazing journey. The experience is at a quantum level. Just connecting with her has opened up amazing possibilities. Be prepared to be transported. I went from feeling overwhelmed with my business to having fun with it.”




Um. So I just have to brag you guys. My body is shaking and I feel all tingly inside. I just got done *creating* my 3rd  client…this week! That is 3 clients in 4 days. My having-ness level has officially stretched. I am officially a coach with a flourishing coaching practice.

(Note: before starting the Hatch program, Leah had 0 clients. At the time of this message, she had 9)


After our conversation, I reevaluated what I was doing as a coach and claimed my space for myself. Well, yesterday, after doing 3 meetings of two hours with extremely interesting people, I closed two annual customers at $25,000 each. And tomorrowI’ll have two more conversations that probably will end up the same way. I have no words to thank you for everything you did for me … Thank you!”

Click “HERE  to start the process of becoming a SIX-FIGURE EARNING Coach.