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Bill shireman“I engage extremely powerful business and political figures in my work, and navigating through the egos and dynamics can be emotionally and intellectually challenging. Christina is a fun, wise, laser-sharp, and powerful coach who helps me keep stepping forward through both challenging and opportune times. Her sessions are founded on solid practice-proven theory, openness and honesty (she has broad and deep life experience that enables me to be completely open and her to make practical suggestions), and a delightful manner that makes it a pleasure whenever her face appears on my Skype screen. Due in part to her counsel, I have been able to work through challenges and build relationships with business and philanthropic leaders, including a half-dozen billionaires who share our goals. My staff has also come to depend on her counsel, and asks me to “check with Christina” when we need to move a report or idea to a higher level. If you have the capacity to change the world, and want an able coach to help keep you progressing on track, I recommend Christina.”

~ Bill Shireman, President and CEO at Future500

John Baker “Christina has a great listening as a coach.  During our conversations, I find myself suspending doubt and delving into new spaces of creation and exploration, places I haven’t been before. This exploration has allowed me to create a new and more powerful context for future space discovery efforts which will allow humanity to more fully explore the solar system.”


~ John Baker, Aerospace Program Manager


gregor“Christina offered me the a level of guidance and insight to my work flow and personal being that I cannot fully articulate into words as the experience is something I am still learning from. Her words rung so true to how I felt I wanted to move forward with my life, and allowed me to empower myself with ease and grace. I truly appreciate the level of confidence she instilled in me to make decisions that were grounded and profound to move my business to the forefront of our field. Thank you!”

~ Gregor Clary, Founder at Arturian, Engineering Specialist at Hyperloop Transportation Technologies



Joseph Rea

“Working with Christina has been an incredible experience. Through our conversations, Christina has helped me to rise above fear and worries, and to re-connect with the passionate visionary that I know myself to be. Christina also helped me see how my technical achievements reflected the unique and powerful skills I have, an how I can apply those skills to bring my next vision to life. I highly recommend Christina to anyone who wants to tap into their greatest potential and achieve something BIG.”

~ Joseph Rea, Austin, Lead Systems Applications Engineer

(developing wireless technology for military applications)



guang 1 “Christina. You really blow my mind every time we talk. I somehow always walk out of these sessions and feel like a different person.”

~ Guang Wang, Switzerland, Founding Partner at tech startup


joshNo one I know is better than you, Christina, at creating intimacy and adventure!”

~ Josh Ross, New York, Technical Writer at Google



 “Feelingalison profile ENERGIZED and INSPIRED after a transformative session yesterday with my life coach Christina. This woman is remarkable and my life has done a complete 180 since I started working with her in January. I was giving away so much of my power and she has helped me reclaim it, value myself more, and turn “work” into play/games. Christina, I love you! Thank you for the richness you have added to my life. You are a blessing!”

~ Alison Cebulla, New York, Life Coach



joe headshot “I can’t think of a time in my life that was more remarkable than that Saturday in New York. When we talked on  Saturday morning, I felt so powerful, so liberated. That power lasted for days, and I can still get back to it. That Saturday night when I was back in my hotel room, thinking about the immensity of the universe and that it had all 13.7 billion years of it had led to that moment and to me. Then if just thought, “HOLY SHIT! That’s who I am!” My identity  had eluded me for so long. I was looking everywhere to find myself and in that moment I finally was able to take all of the facts and the knowledge that I had acquired and combine it with my body and my self in a way that I had never been able to do before. It was as if I could draw power directly from the earth and the sun and the entire universe and pull it into myself. I went out that night and everything was different. Nothing had changed, but I was different. I was never so connected, so present with myself and so content. I was there and I was alive and for perhaps the first time, I felt like truly anything was possible, and not just in the abstract, kindergarten “you are special” kind of way. I felt like I was powerful enough to do anything.”

~ Joe B., Salt Lake City


melanie profile “The best part of working with Christina is that she actually listens. I usually bring an issue or topic that I want to  work on that week, and she accepts this with grace and meets me where I am. She is helpful and always looking out for  my interests without being pushy. She’s encouraging and friendly while remaining non-judgmental and tactful. Most importantly, I consistently leave sessions feeling like I’ve actually accomplished something. Coaching has helped me  move forward with my goals and given me more of a sense of direction in my business and personal life.”

~ Melanie Curtin, Washington D.C.,  Sex and Dating Coach


Brendan “The thing I will remember most from working with Christina is how she helped me set up methodology for me to organize myself much more effectively, both socially and professionally. As odd as it may seem to praise a life coach  for this, if your simplest needs are not taken care of, you will have less energy to focus on your higher callings. Christina can help you fulfill both, and I would recommend that anyone work with her for this reason above all else.”

 ~ Brendan M., Washington D.C., Commercial Real Estate Analyst

kayak “I wanted to thank you soo much for your support on my life’s journey. I felt like you were my equal and I could trust  that you would guide me and let me make my own choices. You showed empathy, were a great listener, and  held me accountable for accomplishing my goals. It was amazing how I was able to open up to you and how  you helped unravel the mystery of me. I was able to reveal my inner thoughts, feelings, and motivations that I had  previously not known about or fully understood. You acted like my mirror and reflected them back to me. I feel that I  have become the World’s Leading Expert on Me!

This was truly a very new and unique experience that can only be fully understood and appreciated by those who experience true life coaching with an ideally matched life coach. Words can only go so far.”

~ Lissa L., New York, Speech and Language Therapist

“Stuck in a job I hated, Christina made me realize that I’d rather quit and pursue my dreams than settle for what life game me. I am happy to say that I have decided to pursue the course I want, not what is handed to me. I couldn’t be more excited for the next step.”

~ Brian Z., New York

“Although we’ve just started, I think you have already helped me get really far in a short amount of time and wanted to let you know that. I am really amazed and a bit incredulous on how much progress you’ve been able help me through.”

~ Ashwin A., New York

“I was really amazed by the class you lead. It was both deeply experiential and grounding, and I left feeling a greater sense of ease than I had felt in a long time. What a subtle and fascinating way to bypass conscious resistances and get at what lies underneath! Looking forwards to more.”

~ Dan C., New York

After working with Christina, I am happier to be a man that I have ever been before. I am delighted that who I am and what I do can have effects on a woman that are so delightful, both to me and her.

I saw a female friend recently who I had not seen since I started working with Christina four months ago. She was startled when she saw me and the first words out of her mouth were, “You’ve totally changed! You’ve become so clear! You…You……have all this sexual energy now! You’ve been getting laid, haven’t you?” When she said that to me, I hadn’t had sex in about a year, but two days later, I did.

Christina stands apart from other coaches in that she teaches on many levels. She helped me to clear away the parts inside me that were holding me back so that I became much more confident with women and more attractive to women and more present with women, and the rest followed from there.

~ Brad M., New York

“I found Christina during a time when I felt very dissatisfied with the existence that I led. I wasn’t living or thriving but instead felt that getting through the day could be both a chore and a source of triumph. I enjoyed working with her because she was always genuine and straightforward with me. I felt that she truly listened to my needs and concerns and guided me to find my own solutions. Besides that, she was just a ton of fun to work and laugh with.

After our time together, I can say that I feel more comfortable in my skin. I am more likely to state my desires and allow myself to enjoy pleasure. I am now a lot more open and vulnerable with others, which makes my life easier, freer, and more exciting. I have abandoned some of my patterns of avoidance for secure attachment and am excited about achieving it out in all my relationships. Now, as I start a new chapter of my life on another continent, I find that I am enjoying life more and am excited about my present and future.”

~ Tasha, New York, Peace Corps

“Thank you so, so, so much for your amazing development, creation & orchestration of my experience yesterday. The entire day was just so out of this world amazing & I’m mystified by how you were able to pull it off so seamlessly. Unbelievably gifted! I just feel so, so blessed and am filled w gratitude beyond my ability to express.”

~ Leslie, New York

“I just wanted to thank you for an amazing workshop today. I think its so interesting to already see some significant changes, beginning with my awareness. The energy we created together brought me to a beautiful place, one in which my awareness of the judgmental thoughts that enter my mind are noticed more quickly, and thankfully more easily dispersed without judgment on myself for having them. I’m becoming more aware of noticing my feelings and accepting them, letting myself feel them, and then breathing it out to make room for something of a higher vibration to enter. It naturally happened today much easier than it has in the past. Afterwards I felt so open, free, and filled with love- and wanting to share that with everyone I came in contact with. I was also grateful to myself for going and doing something I had some fear and resistance to. It made me feel confident and feminine and beautiful. Thank you!”

~ Sandra G., New York

“I am noticing a difference in my interaction with most people around me.  I think I been so conditioned to not look people in the eye, I now catch myself doing pretty often. I thought that I would run out screaming from your workshop because I have a problem opening up in general, but I found the entire experience remarkable.”

~ Lakeisha, New York

“When Christina started the tribe, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I just knew that I needed to be around more powerful women, who wanted something MORE from their lives – from themselves.

But in the last several meetings of this gathering of amazing women, I have noticed that something has shifted about myself. The way Christina holds space and designs the sessions is a clearing for vibrancy – the kind that can only come from being your full self, and totally loved.

The work we’ve done in the last several sessions in particular has set the stage for me to take my place in the spotlight of my life. The uniquely guided process she created allowed my inner wisdom to surface, and out of that, came the clarity and courage I needed to take a risk I had been holding back on for almost a year now.

This is the community of women in NY I have been waiting for, and thank the goddess it’s here! The women who come are a-freakin-mazing! I learn so much just by listening to their inner wisdom. Selfishly, I kinda want to keep the group to myself! But in all seriousness, if you’ve been finding your self wondering where all the conscious women are in NY – the ones that aren’t hung up on men, looking good, or complaining about how broken they are… then this is that place. Welcome to The Tribe. Welcome home.”

– Kristen Domingue, New York, Life Coach