Powerful Coaching for Visionary Leaders

 Working to Solve the World’s Grand Challenges.  

You are a game-changer.

You wake up each morning excited to take risks and conquer fear and you go to bed each night counting your blessings.

You know that creating a better world gives you a more meaningful life

You know what success takes—in love, work, and play.

Are you Building Your Legacy?

  • Can you imagine it and then create it – easily?
  • Do you have so much fun doing it, it feels like second nature?
  • Do you feel confident in every aspect of your life?
  • Do your team, peers, and superiors easily get on the same page with you?
  • Do you know the difference between ego-serving and soul-serving?
  • Does your work makes a difference in people’s lives?
  • Is prosperity a given?
  • Do people respect you for your ideas?
  • Do people want to be around you?
  • Is your romantic relationship brimming with deep love, and exciting intimacy?
  • Do you wake up each morning knowing that your life is amazing – RIGHT NOW?

Or Is Life Like This?

Things are pretty good. You’ve achieved great things …

and yet, it feels like you’re missing something.

You have grown into and been recognized for a tremendous amount of power and vision, but deep inside, you know that things aren’t optimal.

Are you:

  • Working so hard and over-extending yourself while your personal life has fallen to the wayside?
  • Operating below your true capacity, bored, and worrying that one day someone will notice?
  • Feeling like there’s no one around you who will tell you the truth as everyone is pandering for your approval?
  • Frustrated with your team because they aren’t “getting it” and things are taking too long?
  • Noticing that the skills and traits that got you to the heights you’ve achieved no longer serve you as well and something else is required?

BUT … the thing that carries you forward is your vision and dedication to your craft and the positive impact on the planet that is your legacy.



Are You Ready For What’s Possible?

Once you decide to expand your range of power and effectiveness, you’ll be in touch with who you are so authentically, and expressing yourself so coherently that the changes you experience will shift every aspect of your life. You will be Living your Legacy fully. You’re not my client if you don’t want to explore, grow, develop, and be a leader in all areas of your life.

If you are not a high achiever with big, big dreams, you are not my potential client. If, on the other hand, you know what success takes—in love, work, and play—and you want help getting to that next level, I can help.

I am an expert in helping passionate people lead powerful lives …

… and powerful people live passionate lives. 

Here’s How it Works

You and I work together for 6-12 months. Anything less than that doesn’t set you up for this whole world change. How many years have you wanted to make your greatest possible mark in the world? How long have you wanted that deep, loving relationship, and the experience of living each day as the powerful being you know deep down that you are? How many years have you made do with “almost” and good enough?

If you’re ready, let’s have the conversation with the power to totally transform every aspect of your life.

I work with clients who are referred to me or I’ve been so inspired by, I personally invite them to a coaching conversation. If you are seeing this page, then either you know me, or someone has sent you my way. Welcome.

What We’re Really Doing …



“I engage extremely powerful business and political figures in my work, and navigating through the egos and dynamics can be challenging. Christina is a fun, wise, laser-sharp, and powerful coach who helps me keep stepping forward through both challenging and opportune times.

Due in part to her counsel, I have been able to work through challenges and build relationships with business and philanthropic leaders, including a half-dozen billionaires who share our goals.

My staff has also come to depend on her counsel, and asks me to “check with Christina” when we need to move a report or idea to a higher level. If you have the capacity to change the world, and want an able coach to help keep you progressing on track, I recommend Christina.”

Bill shireman– Bill Shireman, President and CEO at Future500



“Our exploration has allowed me to create a new and more powerful context for future space discovery efforts which will allow humanity to more fully explore the solar system.”

– John Baker, Aerospace Program Manager


Oleg’s secret

Oleg was a client of mine. One day, he told me a story about how he helped his daughter become extraordinary:

“My daughter is a loving and avid skier at 10 years old. Twice a year, we ski for a week in the French Alps, and she’s better than many local kids who spend practically the entire winter there.


Why? I think it is partly because when she was starting out at 4-5 years of age, I got her used to the idea that falling is a necessary part of learning. Not only that, but falling is fun and safe. I told her that if she didn’t fall from time to time, something was missing.


Years ago I’d read the book The Inner Game of Skiing by Tim Gallawey, which stated that the fear of falling is the single biggest impediment to adults learning to ski. So when we skiied together, I sometimes asked her to fall on purpose. And when I fell myself, I made it as dramatic and spectacular as possible so that we all get a good laugh out of it.


She can now ski down almost any slope! 


This is a picture of her in January this year, going down the back side of the tallest mountain in the area, where only free riders go. She said it was one of her favorite places.”