Christina Berkley | Apprenticeship



Coaching can be a highly transformative experience. That is, when undertaken with a coach who knows how to go A LOT deeper than goal setting, accountability, and the surface layers of visioning and addressing limiting beliefs.


Coaching can dramatically alter the experience of who one is BEing in the world, and through that shift, the outcomes of their lives can improve exponentially.


Though there are many training schools, academies, and online certifications aimed at teaching new coaches the skills of coaching, the most effective, intense, and personalized way to learn and become someone who can MASSIVELY impact the outcomes of their clients, is to apprentice a master.


Through my own 12 years of continuing study, hundreds of thousands of dollars of investment in the pursuit of excellence in the field, I have found the apprenticeship experience  BY FAR the most valuable.


Beyond the how tos of learning a skill, masterful coaches recognize there is an art, a fine and subtle nuance to powerful coaching and the creation process of their business that can only be honed through rigorous practice and supervision.

This highly bespoke apprenticeship is only offered to select and serious candidates.


For those who want to deeply master the SKILL of coaching.

For those who want to deeply master the ART of coaching.

For those who are intent on building HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL coaching practices with few, high-performing clients, based on Service not Selling.


If you are interested in deep immersion, behind the scenes access, and are ready to operate at the highest level of focus, attention, and application in the coming year, CONTACT ME HERE.