Coaching can be a highly transformative experience. That is, when undertaken with a coach who knows how to go A LOT deeper than goal setting, accountability, and the surface layers of visioning and addressing limiting beliefs.

Coaching can dramatically alter the experience of who one is BEing in the world, and through that shift, the outcomes of their lives can improve exponentially.

Though there are many training schools, academies, and online certifications aimed at teaching new coaches the skills of coaching, the most effective, intense, and personalized way to learn and become someone who can MASSIVELY impact the outcomes of their clients, is to apprentice a master.

Through my own 12 years of continuing study, hundreds of thousands of dollars of investment in the pursuit of excellence in the field, I have found the apprenticeship experience  BY FAR the most valuable.

Beyond the how tos of learning a skill, masterful coaches recognize there is an art, a fine and subtle nuance to powerful coaching and the creation process of their business that can only be honed through rigorous practice and supervision.

This highly bespoke apprenticeship is only offered to select and serious candidates.

For those who want to deeply master the SKILL of coaching.

For those who want to deeply master the ART of coaching.

For those who are intent on building HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL coaching practices with few, high-performing clients, based on Service not Selling.

If you are interested in deep immersion, behind the scenes access, and are ready to operate at the highest level of focus, attention, and application in the coming year, CONTACT ME HERE.

“Two years ago today, I had an initial coaching call with a master coach. I was looking for a mentorship/apprenticeship to grow my coaching business, but I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to work with her.

Christina Berkley is such a powerful and sought-after coach that I knew *I* was the one auditioning for a slot in her practice. I wasn’t sure I’d “pass the test.”

I also knew working with her was a significant investment. Much more than I was comfortable with. Even if I did pass her test, I wasn’t sure I trusted myself enough to make an investment of that size “pay off”.

But, I’m known for taking leaps of faith, and that I did. As I look back on the journey of the last two years, I’m in awe of what I created in my life.

I have done what I initially set out to do in growing my business.

Since Jan 2019, when I truly dived into my business full-time…

– I have made 280K in revenue. I’m not yet done for 2020.

– 43 people have paid me for 1:1 coaching, group coaching, and retreats. 

– I have coached 120 people and clocked 700+ hours of coaching.

– My 1:1 practice has gotten to a place where I’m waitlisted and cutting down to serve fewer clients more deeply. 

Those are phenomenal accomplishments; however, they aren’t even the most powerful “results” from working with Christina.

The power of working with a master coach is not in what they help you do, but instead in the shifts they help you make in how you be in the world.

So along with those tangible business results, here are just a few other things that have shifted for me.

– I have developed a deep trust in myself. In my intuition. My decisions. What my heart is telling me. And my ability to turn anything I put energy towards into magic. 

– I am more playful and fun in my approach to almost everything I do. 

– My creativity flows in ways I never knew I had access to.

– I am much more in touch with who I am and what I stand for. 

– I have reconnected with parts of myself that I long neglected. My heart, body, and spirit. Now they have a front seat in everything I do. 

– I am a more expressive, confident, and audacious leader.

– I truly believe anything is possible. For me. For my clients. And for our world.

– My schedule is more spacious than it’s ever been.

– I deeply know that I am enough, inherently valuable, lovable, and even perfect. (That last one is hard. Christina is still working with me on that!)

– I am soooooooooooo much more fulfilled, content, and joyful in all areas of my life. 

All of this was possible because Christina truly sees and understands me in ways almost nobody else in the world does.

She creates a coaching container where all of me can show up. The parts I love. The parts I don’t.

She sees the power in me that I don’t always see.

She knows how to push me beyond the edges of what I think is possible.

And every so often she gives me homework that makes me say “I hate you.”

I am beyond grateful for Christina’s coaching, mentorship, and friendship in the last two years, and I can’t wait for whatever comes next.”

~ Erin Baker, Coach

From a financial perspective, when I started working with Christina as an apprentice, I was charging a rate that my business could not sustain. By the end of our program, I am now charging and bringing in 2-3 times what I charged before at a rate that I not only can sustain, but can thrive with. Over the course of the apprenticeship, my already successful business had its best year ever, tripling my initial projections, and I’m on track to double that growth next year. 

Professionally, I’ve been able to shift my focus from serving clients in mid-director/managing positions to supporting CEOs and other C-Suite executives. In the process, I’ve also figured out how to still support rising leaders while increasing my impact across organizations and not just at the top. Christina was excellent at helping me do the inner work necessary to powerfully own my expertise, value, and vision and find the right external resources to support me along the way. I love my clients and am so excited to be working with people who inspire me and make a big difference in the world.

Personally, Christina was able to see and feel me exactly where I was and not rush or push me faster than I was ready to go. If someone gives me a playbook that worked for them as I’ve gotten from other coaches, I’ve learned that what worked for them might or might not work for me. I need the space, time, and insight in order to make it my own. The experience of being understood and given space to experiment helped me step out of my shell faster and grow into someone who knows, trusts, and is guided by her Spidey sense in a way I knew was possible but couldn’t figure out on my own.

Ultimately, the greatest gift Christina gave me, was helping me see that I could not only build a successful coaching business, which I honestly wasn’t sure I could – but that I could do it on my terms, with who I love to work with, how I love to work, and in a way that feels right for me.

I heartily recommend apprenticing with Christina. It’s an incredible investment in yourself and your business – one that you can leverage to create not just amazing clients, but create a better you, better impact, and the results you want.

~ Donna Lichaw, Coach