Deep Coaching Mastery Certification Program – begins April, 2024

Have you ever witnessed coaching magic in your sessions?

When a transformation so profound occurs right before your eyes. When your client realizes something in a single flash of insight that transforms their perspective — and life — forever?

You might believe that this kind of transformation is rare, only facilitated CONSISTENTLY by the world’s best — and most naturally gifted coaches.

But it’s not.

Every single day I bear witness to life-changing transformations — and you can too when you master the skills and principles taught in The Deep Coaching Mastery Program. 

If you have been sensing that you’d like to go deeper with your clients, but don’t know how and are ready for your next level of proficiency as a coach … 


This program is designed specifically for you. Think of it as grad school for coaches. 

The modalities in the program are centered around working with the conscious AND unconscious minds at the same time.

They are a direct line to the boundless wisdom of the client’s other-than-conscious intelligence.

This is the single most powerful asset that any person can have; and learning as coaches, exactly step-by-step, how to help your clients access their own ‘inner magic’ is of inestimable value! 

What would it be like if you could:

See your clients more clearly and profoundly?

Sense their experience with your mind and body? 

Hold a powerful space where they can positively touch difficult truths? 

Guide them to and through their inner world to help them: 

> learn and understand themselves

> welcome and integrate different parts of their identity 

> create positive patterns and outcomes in their lives more easily and powerfully

> know how to engage with triggers and traumas long after you are finished your work together

> develop their own practices to elevate their state and tap into what is commonly referred to as flow

Through an embodied limbic connection, your guidance will help them learn, at multiple levels, how to navigate and create themselves and their reality. 


Some have called this “Grad School for Coaches”. Others, “How To Be Like Ayahuasca”.

Whichever metaphor works for you, the power of this work is that it happens deep, deep underneath the surface levels of what the client is aware of – the place where their truths are fluid, intense, raw, and they have access to many new possibilities and wisdom. 

The place where intuition comes from. The “I don’t know where that amazing insight came from but it’s the wisest thing I’ve thought” place. 

You are helping your client access the ultimate superpower: the power of their OWN inner wisdom. And you are doing it without struggle, without creating dependency, without pharmaceuticals or plant medicines, without complicated and costly interventions. You’re simply guiding the client back home — to their own wise, creative, brilliant self.

Some words from Ani about her experience:

“I have been coaching and consulting for several years but what Christina has been sharing with us in the Deep Coaching Mastery Program is truly unlocking a new world in me and my clients. I have never met a coach who can weave so masterfully spirituality, science, psychology and so much more in her teachings and do it so effortlessly. 

The experience of doing the program is humbling and empowering at the same time. It is an effective, transformational tool to have in my arsenal professionally as a leader, coach and at a personal level.

Christina is a masterful coach with high standards and huge heart, full of love and creative magic.”

~ Ani Furukawa

My Story And The Basis Of This Work

I started off as an atheist science nerd. If I couldn’t see it, measure it, replicate it, it wasn’t real.

I’ve ended up a proponent of generative fields of consciousness that give us coaches a boundless playground to connect with and draw the magic and mystery out from our clients’ world. 

I’d say I’m agnostic now 😉 

Living in a Research Community 

My journey started with an interest in psychology and therapy but quickly landed me living in a warehouse with 50 people, no walls or privacy, researching what people do when they intentionally decide to experiment with social norms and conditioning and finding out through experimenting, what they really like and how they really are.

In this setting, my body and nervous system were experiencing A LOT more intensity than I believed possible and the magic of limbic resonance (the way we regulate our bodies to feel what others around us are feeling) became a fundamental truth of mammalian life that I was now an expert in. 

I also became an expert on people. The 5 years spent there taught me so much about who people are in so many situations: from the moments people spent watching TV to how they coped and handled stress, secrets, fears, sex, desires, betrayal, and the rest. It was all on display, processed, and experimented with. It was living in a science experiment. 

Generative Trance

After standard coaching training with the Coaches Training Institute, I kept looking for more. It was not touching the depths of work that I knew was possible.

Everything changed for me in 2010 when my partner introduced me to the work of Stephen Gilligan, one of Milton Erickson’s closest students.  His next-generation Generative Trance work was exactly what I was looking for. I already knew about limbic resonance from my training in relationships and sexuality. This was limbic resonance on steroids. And applied to healing and personal development. 

Amazingly, once I started using these deeper states of consciousness in my coaching, besides being a way better coach, I started making more money. Without trying. The power of the work spoke for itself and clients enthusiastically wanted more. 

I began inserting these modalities into all of my offerings. I ran Eye-Gazing parties. I had a research team with students of mine exploring the possibilities of using trance states with other practices to learn what else the human mind and body can do. And, I began teaching Trance training workshops with my partner. 

Medicine Work

At this point, my curiosity and explorations had taken me in the direction of spirituality. It was no longer possible to deny that there is a core, ineffable experience that all spiritual traditions ultimately point at. Like spokes on a wheel, no matter which you follow, you ultimately end up at the same center.

I traveled to Peru to experience the work of shamans and plant medicines. I’ve humbly been a student of this path for over a decade. 

I was fortunate to be invited to experience the rites of the Native American Church. 

In one of the most powerful experiences of my life – I sat in the open, alone, on a mountain for 4 days with no food or water in the Lakota tradition on a Vision Quest with a Taino tribe that invited me in. Everything fell away from my constructed ego identity on the mountain. It is the only true rite of passage I have ever experienced. And it led to the same center of the wheel. 

Edge-Walker Manifesto

All of this experiential living culminated in a moment a few years ago when, while in a deep state of consciousness, something bubbled up from within. A distillation of all of the wisdom I’ve accrued. It is the fundamental, underlying paradigm that all of my work rests on. 

The Deep Coaching Mastery Training teaches the embodiment of these principles.

And how to guide others there. 

The Genesis of the Program

I’ve worked with coaches, supporting them in developing their businesses and themselves for 8 years now. Their calls and desire for deeper training in their own work have been consistent, especially after they experience a deep trance session with me. 

In 2016 I started taking Apprentices and including supervision as part of that program. It quickly became obvious that having my eyes on coachees’ sessions as they applied the skills and principles which I was teaching them was extremely valuable. Not only could I answer their questions, but I could see what they didn’t even know to ask about. They started making more money without trying.

As my clients began asking more and more for training on how to work in these deeper states, I began offering a weekly deep trance process specifically designed for coaches at “Soul Space”. You can find it in the Coaches Light the Grid FB group. There’s nothing like it that I’m aware of. The seed was planted and the Deep Training program is now here! 

The Deep Coaching Mastery Program 

The Deep Coaching Mastery Program stems from a unique blend of modalities:

> Generative Trance/Hypnosis

> Self-Relations/Parts work, similar to the now popular Internal Family Systems

> Medicine work

> Embodied relationship skills

> Somatic coaching applications

You will learn the underlying principles of how the unconscious mind works, how to drop into deep states yourself while guiding your client there, and then, how to use the most resonant intuitive language and expression for you and the client AT THAT MOMENT to create the most powerful effect.

The tools and processes you will learn will be the basic scales from which you will be coaching like a musician plays jazz.

You will learn to go way beyond the “outer shell” of language patterns, to the inner “nut” of the human presence and connection at a field level.

You will be skilled at noticing, connecting to, and helping your client integrate parts. As the practitioner, you are uncovering your client’s inner reality with them, staying open and curious, and supporting them in finding THEIR meaning and understanding of what is needed for integration.

In this program, you will learn to develop deep states of awareness (often associated with plant medicine though no substances are used). These states are available to you and your clients as a natural human ability even though they are not normally developed or taught in our present-day cultures/societies. How wonderful it is to be able to support clients who won’t be sitting in medicine circles. 



What You’ll Get

Here are some of the benefits you’ll get: 

> Your own transformation through participating in the exercises and processes yourself.

> Confidence that you’ll know what to do when you don’t know what to do in your coaching sessions. 

> A skill set to use when talking with your client about what they’re thinking is no longer helpful. 

> Develop a consistent centering practice that nourishes you.

> Have empathetic self-thoughts at your fingertips. 

> Be able to open a generative trance state for yourself and guide others into one. 

> Know how to connect and work with your own difficult inner experiences and triggers. And from there, how-to guide your clients to do the same. 

> Be able to shift your state at will.

> Have confidence in your coaching skills. 

> Be able to connect with your doubts, bring them into integrated wholeness, and move from there.

> Know how to find the roots of your patterns, and what to do once you find them. 

> Expertly respond when your techniques don’t work – listen and trust your intuition, and hold the resourceful state where the client’s experience guides. 

> Be able to develop an embodied experience of self-love that goes way beyond chocolate and hot baths on tough days.

> Help your clients have the felt sense of self-love – on the inside. It will change their lives. 

An incredible example of the personal benefits of this work:

“Trance has dramatically improved my coping mechanisms and the way I handle situations. It has become a staple in my communications toolkit.

For example, I was arrested a few months ago for stealing a truck that I bought. I was surrounded by 15 white police officers at 5am with hands on holsters ready to draw. I diffused the situation in about 20 minutes. The squad sent me off with the smallest female police officer I have ever seen. When we got to the courthouse, she pleaded on my behalf and I was released without bail right after I was processed. If this had happened a year ago, I would most likely have been shot. Trance saved my life. YOU gave me a gift that’s keeping me alive.”

~ Kweku Hayford


What Your Business Will Get

Your business will benefit immensely from this training.

As your coaching becomes more powerful you will:

> Gain confidence in the quality of your work which will then make it a lot easier to sell it.

> Make more money, especially if you are building your practice through service, word-of-mouth, and referral. 

> Lean into fear and take scary/excited actions. 

> Share your wisdom more easily in your marketing and social channels. 

> Be able to consistently show up for your business when there are no immediate results to your actions. 

> Be able to lean into higher quality connections with others in all of your biz building activities. 

> Feel safe being visible.

> Experience your business nourishing you. 

Participants who are interested and complete all requirements will receive a Master Deep Coach Certification. (See requirements below)

A wonderful example of the natural business growth that happens:

“This course has opened up a whole new way of working with clients. It has given me an understanding and the skills to enable my clients to draw on wisdom from both their cognitive minds and also the limitless intuitive wisdom that they have within.

Within the last 6 months while immersed in this course I have increased my rate by 30% and signed my first ever 3 month contract. I didn’t expect that from the course but my confidence in my coaching has expanded.

The loveliest side effect from being in Christina’s Deep Coaching Mastery Program is a newfound connection to the personalities and energy of trees and an unwavering inner calm despite adversity.” ~ Kathleen Hartley

Elements of the Program

  • A deeply connected cohort of talented coaches who are committed to upgrading their power as transformational guides.

  • 2- Day Intensive to start us to deepen into the experience of generative trance, and learn exercises and processes.

  • 5 months of three 2.5-hour sessions a month, with one week off.

  • Daily and weekly exercises to practice with yourself and with partners from the course to deepen and perfect your skills.

  • Personal coaching from me in demos during class time.

  • Supervision of your skills in recorded video format and/or live coaching in class.

  • Online group to keep us all connected, inspired, and supporting each other.

  • Audio bank of trance processes I lead for your own work, learning, and modeling.

Deep Coaching Mastery Certification

For those participants interested in becoming a Certified Master Deep Coach, the following requirements will need to be completed:

Attend all session live. You may miss up to 3 as long as you watch the recordings of the sessions.

Actively participate as coach and client in all exercises during class sessions.

Log 25 practice hours of these skills. (Approx. 1/week over 6 months)

Maintain a daily personal practice log.

Submit 3 supervision recordings – 2 for each third of the course. A minimum of 3 with non-course participants.

Demonstrate proficiency in the integral Deep Coaching Skills and knowledge.


Ideal candidates for the Program 

The Deep Coaching Mastery Program is designed for coaches who already have coach training, are fluent in the basics of coaching, and are looking to take their coaching further towards mastery. 

These coaches are looking to be able to get underneath the thinking mind to the roots of clients’ experiences and patterns and are not afraid of what they may find there. 

Coaches enrolled in this program are interested in altered states and the possibilities of coaching in them without using any additional substances. 

They are eager to practice and deepen their own access to their unconscious minds and their deepest selves. 


Who it’s not for:

This program is very experiential and not indicated for those who want to dabble without immersion. Practice is essential to developing the ease and access to these deeper states. 

It is a poor match for coaches who are cynical about the importance of a mind-body connection or the deeper wisdom of the unconscious mind.

It is also not encouraged for anyone who is not interested in doing their own inner work. Through practice, your own stuff will come up, be touched, and worked with/healed. It is sometimes uncomfortable.

More Testimonials for Deep Coaching Training and Trance Experiences

Camilia is bringing the deep connection and resonance of Generative Trance to the highest levels of executive leadership.

“Working with Christina in Hatch and the Deep Coaching Mastery Program has been transformational for me and my business. With Christina’s guidance, deep well of wisdom, and grounded energy, I have reconnected to my creativity and myself.

The peer support of Hatch has kept me adventurous and brave, while the DCMP helped me hone my coaching skills to a place where I feel confident helping clients access their creative wisdom.

I have felt challenged, held, inspired, and joyful in the presence of Christina’s coaching and teaching. I truly feel like I walked through a doorway and entered a field of possibility that I didn’t know was there before. I owe this to her invitation and her presence.” ~ Roz Duffy


(When I first started working with Henri, he was charging 7k for a year. Before the end of his trance training program, he had enrolled 2 10k for 6-month clients within 1 week of each other.)




Are you ready to take your coaching practice deeper? 

The Deep Coaching Mastery Program Will Change Your Life Because it Will Change You


The program is $3500.

Payment plan options are available, please inquire if interested. 

Contact me at [email protected] to see if it is a good fit for you and to register. 

We begin April, 2024. 





Rumi says it best:

The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell you.

Don’t go back to sleep.

You must ask for what you really want. 

Don’t go back to sleep. 

People are going back and forth across the doorsill where the two worlds touch. 

The door is round and open. 

Don’t go back to sleep.

May the ever-present light within you touch the ever-changing spirit of your clients. 

Alcohol ink artworks – Christina Berkley – 2020